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Career in Hotel and Tourism

Hospitality industry comprises of hotel, catering and travel industry, India because of its rich historical past and varied geographical locations like hill stations and beaches has always been very attractive tourist destination. Apart from international tourists, there is a huge domestic tourist market in India including business and leisure travelers. This is estimated at some 300 million tourists or tourist trips a year. The world tourism organization (WTO) and other knowledgeable experts are predicting that India, together with china and other countries in the Asia-pacific region, may achieve an average growth of 12% per annum in tourism for many years to come.

Careers in this industry are not limited to hotels only. Industries involving institutional catering, airlines, shipping, fast food operations, travel agencies and many other sectors have steadily shown a shift towards hospitality professionals are also associated with world leaders of BPOs, Telecom, and other service sectors who prefer hospitality professionals in their customer services. This is a manpower intensive industry.

It offers better opportunities for employment that practically any other industry. This industry happens to be one of the largest employers in the world. With increase in mass media and advertising, globalization of trade and improvement in travel infrastructure world over, Hospitality industry is witnessing rapid and large scale growth and shall continue to do so in the coming years as well. Hence, hospitality industry is one of the most lucrative industries in terms of job opportunites accross the world.