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personality development and soft skill

Personality Development and Soft Skill

Personality development

Confidence gaining sessions are conducted during each course. These are on various topics like observation. Self grooming, modeling, body language, human relations, goal setting, time management, stress management and learning to prepare and face interviews. These sessions are designed by experts to prepare the students fully for the challenges that they have to face in the beginning of their professional career.

Soft skills

The objective of CMI is not only to provide prescribed education but also to ensure that after training. The students get suitable employment which is only possible with the right communication, presentation and computer skills armed with their heath care, hospitality and tourism knowledge. Therefore our training programmes are uniquely designed with an orientation towards gainful employment.

In today’s scenario, one has to not only possess technical knowledge, but should also have knowledge of various commonly spoken languages like English. These language sessions, developed specially by experts are delivered to empower the students with good English Communication skills to deal with the challenges in the industry. It also opens doors for students to get employment in the healthcare, hospitality and tourism industry all over the world.

Sports and other extra-curricular events at regular interval to boost students confidence.

Guest Lectures

Students are provided with Guest Lectures on monthly basis which help to provide students with an eye of vision through which they can find a path for their better future. They share real-time knowledge in the form of failure and success stories.

Industry Visits

Students are provided with industrial visits on regular basis to have real time learning through professionals working in the HEALTHCARE Industry. Moreover, they experience the actual functioning of all the relevant departments of the Industry.