Cradle of Management Institute Private Industrial Training Institute

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Our Hospitality Infrastructure

Cafe/restaurant- Annapurna

CMI has development the state of the art food and beverage lab, which is well equipped with all the modern amenities and equipment. Practical trainees feel delighted and keener to learn and do their practical assignments with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Mock Bar

CMI has a separate mock bar which is center of attraction for its students. Students here learn pros and cons of beverage service and various bar operation, like bar management, bar operation, inventories, building procedure various garnishes etc.

Food Production Lab

Our food production lab is well equipped with all the latest catering equipments and appliances. The modern and advanced lab allows students to practice their skills in a professional environment setup by the institute to give them a feel of working in the indutry.

Front Office Lab

CMI has a well designed front office lab has with all the modern facilities. This modern lab provides a professional environment to the students while practising a role play or situation handling in concern with the practicals conducted in front office department. The gracious interiors and luxurious furniture sophisticated lighting at the lobby area with its beautiful reception counter is a delight for hospitality trainees to work.

Housekeeping Lab

The institute also provide housekeeping Practical training in its magnificent and well maintained Guest room and practical lab. The lab is well equipped with all the modern equipment and amenities. Housekeeping department emphasize on the cleanliness, maintenance and upkeep of all the areas in accordance with the standards maintained in the hospitality industry.


CMI has well maintained library with a large collection of text and reference books. The library is based on modern set-up with computer in it which supports study and research. Students are also encouraged to use journals, magazines and periodicals available. It is treasure of resources where expensive and rare books are available which a student can consult.

Bakery and Confectionery Lab

Those sweet smelling delicacies and tempting dishes are not a piece of cake to make! One requires certain skill sets and understanding to excel at the art of making food. At our Bakery and Confectionery Lab we assure to inculcate required skills to make excellent baked products and confectionery.

Computer Lab

The computer facilities of the College cater to the needs of students of the programs. The Computer lab is equipped with the hardware needed to support teaching and research in areas of expertise within the College. This lab is used by our students for making presentations, logbook, and various format related to the course curriculum.