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Faculty Lectures

One of the strongest resources of CMI is the faculty, which is highly qualified, enthusiastic and committed. All of them have illustrious industrial experience in the operations to general management. A blend of practical training and theoretical knowledge are shared and taught to our students through various teaching methodology adopted by our faculty for their students.

Guest Visiting Facility

Apart from our regular faculty we feel proud of our association with highly accomplished professional guest faculty. The practical experience of industry professionals and corporate heads provide highly practical and focused teaching to our students. Most of the main core subjects are taught by highly experienced experts of their fields.


Discipline is an integral part of professional studies. We at CMI create groomed, disciplined, well cultured and well mannered professionals. The positive environment provided by the institute generates students with overall groomed personality. Grooming standards and hygiene standards of both the industries are high and are also mandatory for the students to follow. These are taught by our highly experienced faculties.

Industry Orientation

CMI is in constant touch with leading hospitality establishments like Hotels, Resorts, Cruise liners, Airlines, Hospitals, etc. Regular visits of our students to various hotels and hospitals enhance their overall knowledge about the hospitality and healthcare industry and help them to memorize and visualize practical as well as theoretical aspects of the curriculum.

Seminars and Presentation

Seminars and presentations are conducted for the students to build their self-confidence, which is the need of today's world. After every semester, the students are encouraged to develop projects on different case studies by utilizing their acquired knowledge.

Lectures Industry Experts

CMI regularly organizes classes with industry experts. These classes help our students to have deep interaction with the leading professionals from hospitality and healthcare sectors. During these lectures our students get benefited by the advanced practical knowledge, shared by these experts. Students are also motivated by these lecturers and feel delighted to learn from them.

Prepare to take on the world

Building confidence and skills, inside and outside the classroom through group discussions, case studies and participation of our students in various events regularly organized by the institute, is an integral part of what we do. CMI courses will prepare you for life in the real world and put you on the path to success.