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bakery and confectionery course in delhi

Bakery Courses and Confectionery Course in Delhi

Bakery and confectionery is one of the most creative food production departments in Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi. Creativity and innovation are key qualities required in young hospitality aspirants to be successful in almost all the Food Production departments including Bakery and confectionery. Programs in this field teaches the elementary knowledge of sources, properties and use of materials like oils, eggs, sugar and dry fruits, leavening agents, preparation of ingredients, movements in mixing , recipes of confectionery goods, icing and cream fillings, knowledge about equipment used, baking temperature, etc. These programs also inculcate qualities like basic communication, soft skills and interpersonal skills as well as maintaining high hygiene standards. Here students are not only given knowledge of cakes and pastries but also taught to prepare exciting bakery products like sweet paste, jam tarts, coconut turn over, lemon curd tart, sponge cake, reck cake, Swiss roll, layer cake, fruit cake, puff paste, apple strudel, cream horns, patties, choux paste, eclairs, macroons, biscuits, cookies, meringues, wedding cake, birthday cake, etc.

Career Opportunities

  • Work opportunities in hotel and other hospitality chains in India and Abroad.
  • Flight kitchens and on-board flight services.
  • Hospital and institutional catering.
  • Shipping and cruise liners.
  • Railways hospitality and catering services.
  • Self-employment through setting up your own bakery.